Band Director Friendly Percussion Pieces Webinars

Always wanted to do something extra for your percussionists, but struggled to find the time? I understand your frustrations! 

Finding the perfect piece for your percussionists can be challenging, especially without spending too much time and effort.

I organized these webinars to explain you everything about the additional features we added to our percussion ensemble publications to:

✅ start rehearsing immediately and archive easily
✅ get a complete picture of the piece and learn the music faster
✅ slow down and loop tracks to study the music more efficiently

These valuable additional features are alle developed to save you time and simplify your process! 

Click on one of the buttons below to register for one of the webinar. 

🎁 The confirmation email will also include a link to download a free bonus to become familiar with our new percussion publications for 2024!

Webinar March 29 | Band Director Friendly Percussion Pieces
Webinar March 30 | Band Director Friendly Percussion Pieces
These are currently the only webinars I will be hosting on this topic. So, sign up now. I have limited space for band directors in this special project as I want to have the opportunity to support them well during the process.

During these webinars I'm going to give away a few sets of my new Quick Guides with a value of $ 29,90 a set. So, make sure you subscribe for one of my free webinars now!


A webinar is an online meeting which can be followed on a cellphone, tablet, or computer. You don't need a microphone or camera to participate. Only the presenter is audible, but participants can interact and ask questions through the built-in chat function.