What is Band Music Center and where does it come from? 

Band Music Center is a division of the successful European publishing company Concert & Marching Music that, in addition to their own band and percussion publication, takes care of the European distribution for Row-loff Production, Tapspace Publication, C. Alan Publications and Salyers Percussion. 

Who is the initiator of band music center?

The founder and creative director of Band Music Center is Dirkjan van Groningen He's a professional percussionist, educator, composer and musical entrepreneur from Zwolle, The Netherlands. He loves to Help percussionists to function more effectively in bands and ensembles by providing valuable additional resources with his method books and ensemble sheet music!

What’s the reason behind this special Band Music Center website for the USA?

Despite the growing interest in our band an percussion ensemble publications we found out that it was sometimes difficult for US musicians to order through our European website. The exchange rate with the Euro and shipping costs from Europe are the main obstacles. On bandmusiccenter.com all prices are in US dollars and all scores are printed in and shipped from the US. Payments can be made with all major credit cards.

Who are the people behind Band Music Center?

Our staff, writers, composers and arrangers are all professional, experienced, well educated and inspirational music teachers. Because they are all active in the band and percussion ensemble scene they know exactly what’s needed in the field of sheet music and educational material for the activity.  

What is Band Music Center doing differently from other publishers?

Besides a printed score (on your doorstep in a couple of days) all our publications are coming with downloadable

Individual Parts (PDF)
→ to start rehearsing straight away

Full Recordings (MP3)
→ to make preparations easier

Practice Software (WIN/MAC)
→ to slow down recordings

Practice Tracks (optional)
→ solo and karaoke tracks with click

How do I work with the Slow Down Audio Practice Software

  • Download and install Java if you don’t have it.
  • Download slow_down_audio.jar to your computer (win/mac)
  • Right click it to open the application
  • Drag your mp3 to the screen
  • Slow down or loop the track

Where does the Band Music Center slogan “More than just percussion literature to safe you time and simplify your process!” come from?

We’d love to do as much as we can to help music teachers and students to simplify the entire process, from picking to purchase and performing a piece of sheet music. We’re constantly working on creative solutions for the stumbling blocks we encounter in our work as a music educator.

Does Band Music Center Provide Festival Scores?

We're working on a way to purchase festival scores directly from our website. Until then you can contact us and we'll make sure your extra festival scores will arrive on your doorstep within a few days.

Are Your Pieces On Any State Music Lists?

We're very proud to let you know that a couple of our compositions are added the the Texas Prescribed Music List and the Florida State Music List.

Why are some pieces available on the European website but not on Band Music Center?

The copyright rules in America and Europe differ quite a bit. Sometimes we can get a license for an arrangement for Europe while we don't get permission for the USA. If you buy via Band Music Center, you can be sure that the copyrights for the respective arrangement are organized for the USA.