More than just sheet music to save you time and simplify your process!

More than just sheet music to save you time and simplify your process!

Unlocking Efficiency in Music: The 3 P's Approach

As a musician who's always short of time and on the move, I understand the importance of streamlining processes to ensure seamless music lessons, rehearsals, and performances. Over the years, I've discovered that simplifying these processes can significantly enhance productivity and enjoyment. That's why I've developed what I call the 3 P's approach, which encapsulates the fundamental steps necessary for musical success. 

Picking Process

 In the world of marketing, the key P's are Product, Price, and Promotion. However, in my musical endeavors, these P's represent crucial processes:

Picking Process: This initial step involves selecting the right music pieces for your ensemble. To streamline this process, we launched our new website earlier this year. Our website features comprehensive filters that allow you to easily search and find pieces that suit your ensemble's needs. Additionally, our score play videos provide a holistic view of each piece, aiding in the decision-making process regarding playability for your percussionists.

 Purchase Process

 Once you've picked the perfect pieces, the next step is to simplify the purchase process:

Purchase Process: We've made purchasing our publications easier than ever by offering digital versions of most of our scores on our website. This means you can start rehearsing immediately after completing your online purchase. To minimize waiting time for printed scores, we even provide temporary digital scores for download.

 Preparation Process

The final P focuses on preparing for rehearsals and performances:

Preparation Process: We understand the importance of efficient practice, which is why we provide complete the following standard features with our percussion publications in addition to a professional bound and printed score. 

  • Individual parts (PDF) to start rehearsing immediately and archive easily 
  • Full recording (MP3) to get a complete picture and learn music faster
  • Practice software (All OS) to slowdown tracks and study music efficiently
  • Temporary score (PDF) to bridge the time until your printed score arrives

With all these standard features every student can tailor his/her practice sessions to their specific needs.

But wait, there's more! In addition to these features, you can enhance your order with groundbreaking optional features. This includes a zip file containing audio practice tracks for all individual parts, including a click track. The zip file contains:

  • Solo practice tracks: Gain insight into your individual part's intricacies.
  • Karaoke practice tracks: Understand your role within the piece with clarity.

These unique features set us apart from other publishers and underscore our commitment to simplifying your musical journey!

Experience It Yourself!

To give you an idea of what I have to offer, I've given a very well-known classical theme a surprising twist. I always enjoy infusing classical themes with a twist. For me, it's a fantastic way to introduce my students to classical music without them even realizing it.

And here's the best part: Use the discount code WelcomeAtBMC to order my piece “Dvorak’s Bossa” including the standard and optional features, for JUST $27. That's OVER 50% OFF the original price of $59.45.

What Others Say

“As a percussionist in an ensemble conducted by Dirkjan van Groningen, I found working with his play-along tracks ideal. Less note-learning during rehearsals, but instead, more focus on ensemble playing right away. If you're struggling during rehearsals, you can always play along with the individual tracks or the karaoke tracks at home for a better understanding of your role within the ensemble.”

----- Matthias Kaat – Kampen, The Netherlands

“Recently I came across some very innovative and creative percussion ensembles from Band Music Center, and I'm extremely excited to share not only the music, but the teaching format in order to maximize my rehearsal time. I was able to meet with Dirkjan van Groningen about his vision and quickly realized he is not only a great percussion writer, but an amazing educator. I'm looking forward to the impact his music and technology resources will have on our ensemble.

----- Shawn Sandersfeld – Band Director Mid-Prairie Community Schools Iowa, USA

No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

The only thing I ask is that we stay in touch during the rehearsal process of this piece so that I can help you make the additional features work best for you and your students.

If you've seriously tried with my assistance and I haven't been able to help you to make your musical life easier with my features, I'd love to know! I'll make sure you get a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked!

Don't miss this opportunity to create a cool extra challenge for your percussionists and simplify the process. Order now and experience the unparalleled convenience of our time-saving features firsthand.

Dirkjan van Groningen

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