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Practicing Rudiments & Technique is Fun!

Practicing Rudiments & Technique is Fun!

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🚀 The groundbreaking and innovative method for educators, drummers and percussionists to make practicing technique a fun activity again! 

😴 Tired of the same old boring practice routine? We understand the struggle! Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive sessions that zap your motivation and hinder your progress.

This more than complete method features: 

A printed book with 80 well-structured exercises to master the 40 standard rudiments quickly and easily and ensure sufficient variety.
71 groovy play-along tracks for all exercises to make practicing technique a fun and enjoyable activity.
Useful slow down practice software for different platforms to slow down the tracks and learn things faster and more efficiently.
40 online video lessons about all standard rudiments so you never have to doubt how to play a certain rudiment. Ideal for more visual oriented students. 

🎁 For users only website:

After your purchase, you can register for access to the special (for users only) website, where you can view video lessons about all standard rudiments. The website also contains a link to download all play-along tracks and practice software. 


If you don’t love this book, and it didn’t make your life as a musician easier in any way. You can return the book within three months, and I’ll refund every penny of your purchase. No questions asked!

😄 Discover the joy of practicing technique with our innovative drum book and unlock your true potential as an educator or percussionist. Embrace the future of drumming education today!

Check the below video with different examples of the exercises and video lessons in the book!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fun to practice to!

Digging the book. It's nice to practice to something more than a metronome when working on rudiments. Thanks!

John Krantz

A fun new way to practice rudiments. I recommend it!

Jenny White
Your book is like a treasure chest!

I have been taking percussion lessons for about 5 years. So, my rudiments are still developing. Before discovering your book, I would practice paradiddles while listening to music ( like Vivaldi's Gloria or The Wellerman) and had almost figured out their mm settings. So, your book is like a treasure chest!