Snare Drum Basics Starter Kit

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Our Snare Drum Basics Starter Kit contains: 

  1. Snare Drum Basics Method Book 1 (worth $ 17,95)
  2. Recital Pieces For Snare Drum 1 (worth $ 14,95)
  3. Concert percussion info guide (worth $ 14,95) Bonus #1
  4. marching percussion info guide (worth $ 14,95) Bonus #2

The Method and Recital Pieces books are coming with: 

  • Play-along tracks for all etudes and solos
  • Groove tracks with all other exercises
  • Software (win/mac) to slow down all MP3 tracks

Normally you pay $ 62,80 for this complete kit. 
Now you only pay $ 27,00.
That's more than 50% off!

Here are some etudes from my snare drum basics method books.

Here are some solos/duets/ensemble pieces from the recital pieces books. 

Besides the books with snare and tom parts (duo/trio/quad), where I play from in the video, I made a bass drum and cymbals book so you can play the pieces with an ensemble as well.