Collection: Dirkjan van Groningen

Dirkjan van Groningen | Professional Percussionist, Educator, Arranger and ComposerI’m a professional drummer, percussionist, educator, arranger and composer from Zwolle, The Netherlands. I’m born in 1971 in Kampen and I got my first private percussion lessons when I was 8 years old at a local community band called AMDG.
During high school I performed with several Dutch (marching) bands, drum corps, percussion ensembles and orchestras. In 1993 I joined Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps from Canada to march DCI and age out in the same year.
After that I started studying percussion at the Artez Conservatory in Zwolle. In 1998 I received my degree in classical percussion and one year later I graduated in jazz and pop music.

At this point I’m teaching drums and percussion at Quintus Kampen. and I’m active as a drummer/percussionist in different bands and occasional ensembles. To share my knowledge in the field of mallet technique and rudimental drumming I’ve been active a guest teacher in among others Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland in recent years.

I’m the creative director of the European publishing company Show & Marching Music for which Band Music Center is providing US distribution. I’m active as a composer and  arranger for (marching) band and percussion ensemble.

Recently, two of the below percussion ensemble pieces were added to the Texas Prescribed Music List. These are: 

  • Groove, The Cat's Away
  • The Major's March

The piece that was added to the Florida State Music List is entitled: 

  • Desperation Valley

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