The Best Sold Percussion Ensemble Sheet Music

The Best Sold Percussion Ensemble Sheet Music [2024 Update]

Due to the continuous development in the field of percussion instruments, there is a regular need for new music that responds to these changes. For example, the range of marimbas is constantly expanding, and more and more ethnic instruments are being used in contemporary percussion ensemble pieces.

It is always a challenge for us to keep up with these developments while also considering the ensembles that may not want or be able to adapt to them. A good example of this is the pieces from our Flexible Percussion Series, which are suitable for playing with both marching and concert percussion instruments.

Over the past few years, we have released a significant number of pieces that are still frequently played. They stand out, for example, because they are creatively arranged, present an interesting technical challenge, or are well-received by the audience.

Whether you are a conductor or instructor looking for new repertoire or a percussionist searching for your next challenge, a list of the most popular titles always comes in handy.

From captivating concert pieces to dynamic marching arrangements, these publications are a good reflection of popular percussion ensemble sheet music played by percussion ensembles around the world in recent years.

    1. Barber's In Tha House
    2. Faure's Dance Party
    3. Boogie Wonderland
    4. Funk Brothers
    5. Toreador's March
    6. Calabassa
    7. Visual Drums
    8. Groove Explosion
    9. DrumClash
    10. It's Winter Time

I hope this list of the ten best-selling percussion ensemble pieces is helpful and inspiring when selecting new repertoire for your percussion group.

Be sure to listen to the sound clips or watch the useful score-play videos where you can see the score scroll by as you listen. On all product pages, you will also find a clear overview of all the instruments needed for the respective piece. This way, you ensure that a piece never ends up unused. Enjoy listening to the arrangements!

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