The useful features with our percussion ensemble sheet music

The useful features with our percussion ensemble sheet music

At Band Music Center, we love to go the extra mile to save you time and make your musical life easier.

If you purchase percussion ensemble sheet music from Band Music Center, you not only receive the sheet music itself, but we also provide several additional features. These are all developed for your convenience, with the primary goal of saving you time and simplifying preparations.

Standard Features

In addition to the professionally bound and printed score, you will receive:

  • Individual parts (PDF) to start rehearsing immediately and easily archive
  • Full recording (MP3) to get a complete picture and learn the music faster
  • Practice software (All OS) to slow down tracks and efficiently study music
  • Temporary score (PDF) to bridge the gap until your printed score arrives

Optional Features

To give everyone the opportunity to arrive well-prepared for rehearsals, it is possible to order a set of practice tracks for all individual parts. You will then receive:

  • Solo practice tracks (MP3) so you know exactly how your part fits in
  • Karaoke practice tracks (MP3) so you understand your role in the ensemble precisely

We're working hard to make the additional extras available for as many titles as possible. If the additional extras for the title(s) you desire are not available, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Practice Software

To start practicing at a slower pace (which you should always do) and to repeat challenging parts more frequently, we provide various types of software with our percussion ensemble sheet music that you can use on most (mobile) devices. For the software and apps that we use the most ourselves, we have created short instructional videos so you can easily and quickly learn how the key features work.

Slow Down Audio
Slow Down Audio is a specially developed tool that you can use on Windows and macOS. It's important to install Java on your system first. After that, you can download the application for free. In the video below, you can see how everything else works.

AudioStretch is an app that you can use on various mobile devices and is suitable for Android and iOS users. You can find links to the different app stores on the AudioStretch website. The video below provides an overview of the key features in the app.

I hope you now have a clear picture of all the extras we provide with our percussion ensemble sheet music to save time and learn music faster, allowing you to have more time to enjoy making music together. After all, that's what it's all about, right? Have fun and success with all these super handy extras!

About Dirkjan van Groningen: Professional percussionist, teacher, composer, and musical entrepreneur. Helps percussionists to function more effectively in bands and ensembles by providing valuable additional resources with his method books and ensemble sheet music!

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