Snare Drum Basics Method 1

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Dirkjan van Groningen

Snare Drum Basics is the more than complete method to educate percussionists to be able to play in a: 

✔️ Marching Band
✔️ Concert Band
✔️ Percussion Ensemble

The method is written to familiarize percussionists with listening and responding to other (percussion) instruments right from the start, so they are able to function well in a band, orchestra or ensemble. 

How cool would it be that the below tools would ensure that this can be done in a fun way? 

✔️ Play-along tracks with all etudes
✔️ Groove tracks for all other exercises
✔️ Practice software to slow down the tracks

Besides that the book is also coming with: 

✔️ Essential technique video lessons
✔️ Online community