One Minute Music Club

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Test all new 2022 percussion ensemble publications with your group!

Join our One Minute Music Club and receive the following things from all 9 new percussion ensemble pieces:

✅ One Minute Music from each score (PDF)
✅ The corresponding individual parts (PDF)
✅ Practice tracks of all 9 pieces (MP3)

With these items you: 

👍 can simply determine whether the piece are playable
👍 can easily find out if percussionists like the music
👍 will never have unused sheet music on the shelf again


🎁 the small investment ($27) will be settled with your first purchase
🎁 you are receiving a 10% discount on you next order
🎁 you are receiving a free copy of our Concert Percussion Info Guide ($14,95) 

there's no risk, you can just test all new pieces for free!

After check out you have all scores and parts at your disposal so you can get started right away. 

Check the below playlist with all score play videos (full score including audio) to get a complete picture of all new 2022 percussion ensemble publications.